Realplay Player Videos

We have partnered with Realplay to provide video of every swing, pitch and catch any player makes on the diamond for our tournaments at the Rock Sports Complex and Rantoul Family Sports Complex!!! This one-of-a-kind system automatically edits each game and publishes individual pitching, batting and defensive plays to a personal online profile within 5-7 days of the event!

Check out the videos below to see examples of what each player will get!!!


Hitting Videos

We have 3 cameras on every field. This will allow us to capture each at bat from behind home plate and a side view. This video is an example of what players will get for each at bat!

Pitching Videos

Every pitcher who signs up for Realplay videos will get a video of every pitch they throw. The video is broken down by batter so pitchers get a video of each at bat from every batter they face. This video is an example of a video that would be placed in a pitchers online profile.

Defensive Plays

We will capture, edit and upload every defensive play of the tournament for any player who signs up. This is an example of clip that would be placed in the catchers and 2nd basemens online profile.