Divisions / Classifications

We understand there are many different levels of travel ball teams. Further, we know the classification systems used by tournament providers can be confusing. Our goal is to ensure we provide a clear understanding of what tournaments are best suited for your team.

Here is a breakdown of how our tournaments are set up:


Open - This division is open to any team at any level. We use this division for younger age groups as well as early spring tournaments and fall tournaments. We do this as we typically get a wider range of talent at the younger ages and during spring and fall.

D1 - This level is geared towards stronger travel teams. This level would be similar to the MAJORS or AAA level in USSSA or the Division 1 level with several other tournament providers.  

D2 - This level is geared towards community based travel programs and the "Second / B" teams in academy programs. This level would be similar to the AA level in USSSA or a Divisions 2 or 3 level with several other tournament providers. Teams must be registered as D2 team in our system to participate and may preclude your team from larger D1 events such as our joint PBR events, etc...


Our fastpitch tournaments are sanctioned by USSSA. We follow the USSSA levels for fastpitch softball.

A - This division is for highly competitive travel ball teams looking for the best competition. At the older age, this division features athletes aspiring to play collegiately.

B - This division is for teams who are looking for good competition but not at the highest level within USSSA. Reserved for teams who have progressed beyond our C level of play. Teams in B generally play a limited to moderate travel schedule

C - This division is reserved for teams looking to play competitively and some limited travel ball and often an introduction to tournament play. Teams cannot self-register C. They must register B and contact their respective State Director and request to be moved to this classification.